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powder packaging machine


Main Performance and features

This set of equipment is composed of pouch packing machine and screw scale, applicable to the stand up pouch, hand bag, zipper bag,four sides sealing bag, three sides sealing bag, paper bag, compound bag and so on . 

Work Process

1.feed bag , 2. coding (option), 3. open bag. 4.fall material , 5.sweep dust & vibration 6、6.seal , 7.seal , 8.forming and output.

Main Technical Parameter

Model MB8-200 MB8-300
Bag Specification  W:70-200 mm  L: 100-300 mm W:170-300 mm  L:200-500 mm 
Bag Type  Stand-up bags ,handbags ,zipper bags , 4-side sealing bags ,3-side sealing bags , paper bags ,M-type bags ,compound bags ,etc . 
Filling Range  10-1000g 20-300g
Packing Speed  35-55bags/min 15-45bags/min
Weight  1500kg 1800kg 
Host Power  2.5KW
Drive Power  3-phase 5-wire system 380V 50HZ
Dimensions  3300*2800*3300mm 3800*2800*3300mm
Air Consumption < 0.4m/ min (compressed air provided by the user)

Pro Video

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