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Snack Packaging Machine


Main Performance and features

Bag-given packaging machine together with the multi-heads weigher, with accurate measurement, fast packaging speed, stable operation and wide application range and other advantages, win the praise of customers, making the food industry packaging workshop into a mechanization

Work Process

1.Feeding bag, 2. coding 3 opening bag, 4. filling vibration (1 time, 5. filling 2 time),6. Sealing( 1 time),7. Sealing(2 time) ,8 forming output

Main Technical Parameter

Model MB 8-200 G MB 8-300 G
Bags Specifications W: 70-200 mm    L: 100-300 mm W:170-300 mm  L:200-500 mm
Bag Type Stand-up bags ,handbags , zipper bags , 4-side sealing bags ,paper bags ,M-type bags ,Compound bags ,etc .
Filling Range 20-5000 g
Packing Speed 35-55 bags/min 15-45 bags
Weight 1500 kg 1800 kg
Host Power 2.5 kw
Drive Power 3-phase  5 -wire system  380V  50HZ
Dimensions 3300*2800*3300mm 3800*2800*3300mm
Air consumption < 0.4 m3 /min (compressed air provided by the user )

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